IAI-Self Driving Car

Smart Self Driving Car…

About Self Driving Car

IAI Self Driving Car is a driverless smart car that drives autonomously using supervised and unsupervised learning techniques. It includes path planning along with exploration, avoiding dynamic obstacles along the way, and using localization techniques with sensor fusion to generate an area map. The use cases for this include Surveillance, Monitoring, Packet Delivery, Sensor Fusion and Map Generation.


Tracking & Remote-Control Movement

The movement of autonomous car is tracked and provision of controlling manually is available which can be helpful for safety purposes in certain tricky scenarios.


Camera on autonomous car performs video surveillance using RGB field and fully scans a given area by maintaining 360-degree view of surroundings.

Monitoring, Scanning & Survey

Autonomous car can be used for monitoring, scanning and generating surveys of land and environment for required sensitive areas.

Obstacle Avoidance

Autonomous car stops or deviates by sensing real-time static or dynamic obstacles by maintaining an optimized distance using laser scan approach.


Autonomous car generates highly detailed 2D/3D road network maps of the required areas.

Lane Detection

Autonomous car detects roads, multilane roads and non-road area to safely maneuver inside driving area.

Sensor Fusion

Autonomous car uses camera, lidar and odometry sensors to augment understanding of the environment .

Car detection

Autonomous car detects other vehicles on road and takes appropriate action i.e. slowing, stopping or swerving, if vehicle is entering the car’s way.

Landmine Detection

Autonomous car plans to explores and detect wide variety of buried landmines and generates alerts for that.

Autonomous Driving Without Map

It is in plan to drive to have the car autonomously drive on anonymous terrains without having the area map.