An Intelligent Face Recognition System…

About Surveillance

IAI’s Surveillance is an ideal and intelligent security solution that provides a fast and accurate attendance and monitoring solution which has been developed with robust facial detection and recognition techniques. This solution is both for indoor as well as outdoor security services.


Known Individuals

System recognizes the trained individuals and shows total number of known individuals in crowd for a defined area.

Gender & Age Group

System classifies individuals based on gender as well and shown total number of males and females in an examined area. also classifies crowd in varied age groups which includes babies (0-12 months), toddlers (1-3 years), Preschoolers (3-5 years), Grade-schoolers (5-12 years), Teenagers (12-18 years), young adults (18-21 years), young (21- 45), middle age or early old age (45-70 years),

Abnormal Behavior Changes

System detects and recognizes change in behaviors of persons as per daily routine activities.

Abnormal Behavior Changes

System can also detects and recognizes of unusual behaviors of persons as per daily routine activities.

Crowd Proof Surveillance System

IAI's Face Recognition system plans to give a unique Face ID to each face in a crowd, making it easy to identify and admit many people efficiently at the same time to verify attendees at any event or location without expanded queues.

Finding Vehicle Current Location

System can find a vehicle’s current location as per number plate, color, make, model and model year, inside city’s monitored area.

Vehicle Model & Model Year

System detects car model for example Honda City, Toyota GLI along with model year to differentiate cars of same make and same model.

Vehicle Category

System can recognize six types of vehicles which includes bus, car, heavy truck, light truck, motor bike and van.

Vehicle Count

System detects total number of cars, total number of cars of a specific make, model and color in an area.

Vehicle Number Plate

System localizes car number plate area, extract and segment character, and finally recognizes and interprets vehicle’s registration number in an area under observation.