IAI-Autonomous Drone

Smart Self Flying Drone…

About Autonomous Drone

IAI Smart Self-Flying Drone is an autonomous drone that can complete missions pre-configured inside it. The features include package delivery, rescue situations, surveillance and monitoring. Furthermore, IAI drone also has the provision of remote-controlled movement.


Tracking & Remote-Control Movement

The provision of tracking the drone is available in drone configurator software and can also be controlled via remote control for safety purposes.

Takeoff and Landing

Autonomous drone completes mission with fully automatic take-off and landing under flight plan.

Monitoring, Scanning & Survey

Autonomous drone can be used for monitoring, scanning and generating surveys of surrounding and environment for required sensitive areas.

Packet Delivery & Rescue

Autonomous drone flies autonomously, delivers packet(s) to a specified point and returns to home position.


IAI plan’s to provide rescue services by packets delivery or other means with its autonomous drone.

Autonomous Swarm

IAI aims to put drone in action not just one by one but in a coordinated swarms to complete a defined mission.

Sensor Fusion

Autonomous drone uses camera and odometry sensors to augment understanding of the environment .

Host to Host Collaboration

IAI plans to make drone collaboration with the drone configurator software and do real-time video and data transmission.