IAI-3D Mapping

Real-time Advanced 2D/3D Maps Generation…

About 3D Mapping

IAI 3D Scenery includes digitization of a surrounding environment after our mapping van is passed through that. It uses Hi-tech cameras, a variety of sensors and lidar as hardware. The raw sensor data is then processed, and sensor fusion techniques are applied which in turn, generates real world 2D/3D Maps.


Multilane Identification

System identifies single as well as multilane roads for advanced road maps generation. Lane marking can be expressed in the respect of its color, number of lines, and broken-or-solid style.

Road Spirals & Curves Identification

System generates detailed road network maps with connected roads, round about and road spirals as well.

Road Objects Classification

System detects all the possible road objects like Vehicles, Motorbikes, Humans and Animals etc.

Traffic Signals Identification

System has plan to identify traffic signals to include signals details as well into 3D Maps.

Traffic Sign Detection & Classification

System identifies traffic sign boards and includes the details into 3d Maps.